Let’s be honest. The past few weeks have been a bit insane.

Have you been going a bit stir crazy? Have you craved being with your friends or family? Do you miss hugs? Are you finding yourself losing track of days and time?

Us too.

In the midst of being under “shelter in place” orders though, we have a beautiful opportunity to be intentional in our marriages and put our homes on a solid footing. Part of using the time well is being intentional with our time together and growing as a team.

Looking for some creative ways to spend time together?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Have a game night.
  2. Pull out your favorite games or puzzles and spend some time laughing and playing together. Some of our favorites are Ticket to Ride, Skip-Bo, Dominion, and Farkle 🙂

  3. Talk about your finances and get on the same page.
  4. In the busyness of life, it can be so easy to put off money conversations. Take this opportunity to tackle money conversations together. Build a budget (if you don’t have one) and talk about long term planning. While this type of conversation may not be super fun, push through the uncomfortable. Getting on the same page with finances will deepen the trust and intimacy in your relationship.

  5. Listen to a podcast together.
  6. There are some great podcasts out there! You can check out The Radiant Marriage Podcast as well as SO many others. We love the Fierce Marriage podcast, the Naked Marriage podcast, and the Dream Big podcast. What podcasts are you guys listening to?

  7. Have a themed dinner night.
  8. Making spaghetti? Tacos? Gyros? Pizza? Choose a playlist on Spotify and a movie to match the theme 🙂

  9. Join Radiant Marriage Academy
  10. This 16-lesson course will help to deepen the transparency and intimacy in your relationship. This course covers subjects from communication to finances to in-laws (and MORE!), and includes 16 video lessons, activities, discussion questions, and recommended reading to deepen your marriage!

    Ready to strengthen your marriage? We’re offering a 50% discount through April 30th to help you get started. Just use this link: Check out Radiant Marriage Academy.

  11. Pick up the latest Magnolia magazine and read it together.
  12. We have loved getting this magazine and going over the pictures and articles together over a cup of coffee. We have gotten so many ideas for our future house and loved the conversation that comes from the articles.

  13. Pick a show to binge-watch.
  14. We have a few shows that we love to watch together… The Good Doctor, This Is Us, The Office, Kim’s Convenience… What are some of your favorites? Any recommendations? 🙂

  15. Go to Disneyland or Disneyworld (Virtually)!
  16. So many people have put up their videos on YouTube of Disneyland rides so that you can go through the rides from the safety of your living room! Take a flight with Peter Pan, go on a daring adventure with Jack Sparrow, or build a snowman with Anna and Elsa 🙂

  17. Read a book together.
  18. Find a book that you and your spouse are both interested in and take turns reading to each other.

  19. Exercise together.
  20. YouTube has some great exercise videos for yoga, core exercises, or even dancing! Goof around and have fun! 🙂

No matter what you do, take advantage of this time to grow closer to each other. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect!

How have you and your spouse stayed connected while staying at home? What ways have you passed the time together?

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