oday, we had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Matt Turvey, director of Winshape Marriage. He talks about how marriage retreats help to jumpstart the healing process for a couple that’s struggling. They can also be a great way for a couple that’s doing well to be proactive and breathe new life into their marriage, providing a solid foundation to continue building on. He has great wisdom and believes that couples need to actively address the little things before they become big wedges. His advice is a great help for any marriage–listen in!

#10: Marriage Retreats: Breathing Life Into Your Marriage (Dr. Matt Turvey)

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Winshape’s (AMAZING) Marriage Retreats & Intensives

    We’ve been to one of Winshape’s retreats and we can’t recommend them highly enough…and no, we don’t get paid to say that! 🙂

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What scares you most about the idea of a marriage retreat?
  2. How could a marriage retreat help your marriage right now?

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