ave you and your spouse ever been in different places about a decision…even when you were thinking about things WAY in the future?

We definitely have been. We are planners and tend to want to be on the same page all the time and be able to think years into the future. However, this isn’t necessarily realistic. We aren’t going to be on the same page all the time. We have different ways of processing decisions and we each have our own desires and dreams.

Join us on the podcast today as we talk about what to do when we aren’t on the same page, how to respond to one another, and how to move forward towards a decision even if we aren’t exactly on the same page.

It’s all about adjusting…adjusting to life, adjusting to making decisions as a team, and adjusting our mindsets.

#20: How to Move Forward as a Team When We Disagree

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Is there an area that you and your spouse are so focused on the end result that you’re missing the journey?
  2. Where do you need to listen and seek to understand your spouse?
  3. How can you work as a team, even if you disagree?

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