2019 Debt Update

Hey there,

We don’t ever want to keep things from you, so in the interest of full disclosure, we want to share that we’re taking a small loan to speed up Jess’s degree process. As many of you know, we’ve been paying for her classes out-of-pocket, and it’s been SLOW-going. After seeking counsel, a lot of prayer, and testing our ideas against scripture, we’re confident that God has shifted our direction, leading us to put Jess’s completing school quite high on our priority list. This small, low-interest loan will push her through her final sprint of classes as quickly as possible, allowing her to study full-time.

We often speak about debt and the crippling dangers it can cause to a marriage, (and we’ve previously committed to each other that we wouldn’t take on any form of debt moving forward–we both had to agree to let each other out of the commitment) so please know that this isn’t a decision we’ve taken lightly. Even with a small loan that will pay back quickly after Jess graduates, it’s a big decision. With us taking this loan, we’ve returned to our pre-debt-free rules: No unnecessary spending, no serious vacations, and a mentality of every spare dollar beyond our expenses going to paying the loan off.

In these types of situations, it’s essential that you pray, seek counsel, evaluate your plans based on scripture, and have both spouses fully on board before moving forward.

Proceed carefully!

Adam & Jess