ave you ever found yourself feeling that technology is slowly taking over your home and your marriage? Maybe you have felt like the screen takes precedence over connection with your spouse?

With social media, the games, and the constant attention grabbers, it’s sometimes hard to put the screen down. These things aren’t bad in themselves, but we need to be aware of when they start to take over and when they act as a distraction…from our spouse, from life, and from God.

Join us on the podcast as we talk about technology, some of the struggles with it, and how to set boundaries so that your marriage and your relationship with God stay the main priority.

It’s all about balance.

#21: Keeping Technology from Taking Over

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Discussion Questions:

  1. If you were to ask your spouse to comment on your tech use, what would they say? Would they say they feel second?
  2. What is a change that you can make today?
  3. Where are you doing well and where can you be more deliberate?

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