ave you ever wondered how a couple keeps their marriage strong in the midst of a serious illness? Today, Kevin and Becky McIntire share their raw, personal story of walking through cancer and how they stayed a strong team through struggle and uncertainty. They walk us through the dark moments that cancer brought, how their relationship with Jesus kept them together, and how they withstood the storm as a united team. Be sure to listen in!

#5: Withstanding the Storm of Cancer (Kevin & Becky McIntire)

Mentioned in This Episode:

Kevin’s Cancer Journey

    You can read Kevin’s cancer journey on Caring Bridge. This site does require you to sign up with an email address to read Kevin’s story. We’re not affiliated with the site in any way, and any donations made go directly to the Caring Bridge organization.

Before & After Pictures


    This first picture (below) is Kevin’s scan on the day he was diagnosed. Most of the black spots shown are cancer.



    This second picture (below) is Kevin’s scan after finishing treatment. The black spots that are still showing are normal and non-cancerous.


    Discussion Questions:

    1. What storms have you faced as a couple? Were you prepared?
    2. Are you building a foundation that will help you withstand the storms when they do come?
    3. What can you do to be more intentional about keeping your marriage strong for the next storm?

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