ave you ever wanted to just quit your job and travel across the country? That’s exactly what our friends Bart and Cassie Gant did. On today’s podcast, they share their story of taking a leap of faith and how they made the decision to drastically change their life to match their priorities. We talk about how to shift our thinking when it comes to priorities, choosing a lifestyle that is counter-culture, and trusting God. This one is a must-listen!

#8: A Small RV and Two Kids Under Three (Bart & Cassie Gant)

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Does your lifestyle match your priorities? If not, what areas need to change?
  2. What would your ideal lifestyle look like? How can you work together to make the changes needed to get there?
  3. How can you start thinking outside of the box? How drastic are you willing to be?

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