How to honor our marriages with our social media

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Social media can be a hot-button topic in a marriage. If we are posting our frustrations about our spouse or attacking them in any way through our social media, this can cause feelings of betrayal and result in broken trust. This will build resentment and create walls between you and your spouse. Before we post, we need to be asking ourselves the questions- Is this honoring to my spouse? Is this going to hurt my marriage? Think before you post.

Main points:

[0:53] Social media is not the place to air your dirty laundry.

[1:10] Sharing your frustrations publicly can do so much damage to your marriage

[1:25] If you share your frustrations with your spouse on social media, you’re risking your spouse feeling betrayed.

[2:28] We should only be sharing frustrations with people that we have both agreed to that will encourage your marriage and not just you as an individual.

[2:40] Talk with your spouse about what you both are comfortable sharing on social media and have some ground rules.

[3:30] Think before you post. Is this going to build my marriage up or tear my marriage down? Is this building my spouse up?


Video on Sharing Frustrations

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