Is the goal to be “right” or have a strong marriage?

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In today’s video, we talk about the expectations we commonly have as we come into a marriage and how those expectations can negatively impact that marriage. Ultimately, what needs to happen is that we need to set aside what either of us might think is the “right way” and look instead to God’s way as a team.

Main points:

[0:20] There is a RIGHT way to hang toilet paper

[2:15] The more we cling tightly to our way of doing things, the more our spouse might cling tightly to their way and vice versa. This makes it really hard to be on the same team.

[4:42] What does the bible say about how we should handle things? This needs to be our basis for how we figure out how we are going to work together.

[5:10] We need to set aside our rigid expectations of how we think we should handle things and look at it from a Godly perspective.

[6:45] It comes back to a heart issue. How can we serve our spouse and love on them?

[7:06] If I’m fighting for me, then I’m not fighting for my marriage.


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