he goal for the day was simple…Get food for dinner and prepare a delicious meal for our friends who were coming over (while still social distancing).

I had gone to the store and had everything that I needed…except for the fish.

I was planning on making fish with mango salsa, a yummy salad, and coconut lime rice. (Your mouth is watering right now, isn’t it? Mine is…). When the warm weather hits, this is one of my favorite dishes.

Anyways, I was planning on getting tilapia, but the only fish that Costco had was dove sole.

In my head, I just thought, “White fish is white fish, right? The fish is really only a vehicle for the mango salsa anyways.” So, I plopped this dove sole fish into my cart and went to the checkout stand.

I got home and spent a few hours chopping and dicing and getting everything ready.

I unwrapped the fish, seasoned it, and gently laid it out on the pan to go into the oven.

Jello fish?

Okay, my first clue should have been that it jiggled. This fish jiggled like jello.

I had my reservations, but at this point, I was too far invested. Adam had just gotten home and watched me lay the fish out. He was a bit apprehensive too. Or making jokes about it that made us both laugh…I’ll never tell.

It still jiggled…

When we sat down to dinner that night, we took our first bite and we locked eyes. We knew exactly what the other was thinking without having to say a word. We both really didn’t like it. For a couple of seconds, we were in our own little world, shared a smile and a giggle, and then refocused our conversation back with our friends. Luckily, they really like dove sole.

As a quick side note, if you like dove sole, I have a few raw pieces left in my fridge if you want to come and get it… I’m trying to figure out what to do with it… 🙂

As I have been thinking about that night, I just keep thinking about the fact that I love being able to share those moments with someone.

A shared moment

It may seem silly, but I will always remember the look that we shared that night.

Especially in the midst of what’s going on right now, I want to see and remember these moments. These are the moments that bring a smile, that bring joy, and that remind me that we are a team.

Jennifer Smith has a beautiful quote, “Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse—millions of tiny moments that create your love story.”

Think about that for a moment.

These little, seemingly insignificant moments are part of the larger story. They are part of the love story that we are continuously creating.

Is this simple little story about the fish small and silly?


Is it insignificant?

No, not at all.

Treasure these tiny moments.

So often, we can get so caught up in life that we miss these little moments. We miss those times of sweet connection.

But those tiny moments mean so much. Don’t let them pass you by.

It’s in these tiny moments that thankfulness becomes primary. It’s in these tiny moments that our hearts connect and intimacy grows.

Open your eyes and be on the lookout.

These moments can be gone in an instant if we aren’t aware.

Slow down and take time to BE in the moments with your spouse. Take time to actually SEE your spouse.

Especially now, with our world completely being turned upside down, these moments matter.

Allow these moments to shift into beautiful memories that fuel your love story.

What are some tiny, sweet moments that you and your spouse have had?

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